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Valais Blacknose Sheep Society of New Zealand (VBSNZ) – Breeding up rules

Valais Blacknose genetics were introduced into New Zealand in 2017, through imported embryos and semen from the United Kingdom. The term “Pure Bred Registered” Valais will relate only to those animals with direct links back to animals held in the “Grassroots” registry of the United Kingdom. The Valais Blacknose sheep Society of New Zealand does, however, allow cross-breeding to build up New Zealand flocks, with records held in a separate registry within New Zealand. This registry will be referred to as an Appendix register for Valais Blacknose sheep in New Zealand.

To be eligible for registration within the Appendix register, flocks must meet the following rules

Programme requirements

  • You must be a current member of the VBSNZ (affiliated to the NZ Sheep-breeders Association) to participate in the breeding up program including meeting all fees due under the Society.
  • Foundation ewes may be any wool breed, registered or grade including crossbreds.
  • Only purebred registered VBN rams or semen from those rams may be used for breeding (either imported or NZ born).
  • Progeny from crossbred rams are ineligible for inclusion in the Appendix register
  • The recommendation of the VBSNZ for a foundation ewe is an all-round white wool sheep with similar frame and size to the Valais. However, this is not a requirement.
  • The foundation ewe must be identifiable through a brass and a plastic ear tag and will be recorded and given a VBSNZ registration number

Generation crosses

  • First crosses using foundation ewes and a Purebred Registered ram are referred to as the F1 (generation 1) i.e. 50% VBN. Second crosses are the F2 (generation 2) i.e. 75% VBN, third crosses F3 (generation 3) i.e. 87.5% VBN, fourth crosses F4 (generation 4) i.e. 93.75% VBN and fifth cross (after 5 consecutive breeding seasons of the programme) are F5 (generation 5) i.e. 96.88% VBN
  • All progeny must be identifiable through a brass stud tag and individual colour tag
  • To be eligible for registration, details of ewe lambs must be provided using the official form available from NZ Sheepbreeders Association
  • F1 (generation 1), F2 (generation 2), F3 (generation 3) and F4 (generation 4) ewe lambs will be recorded with pedigree and given a VBSNZ registration number. Only 5th generation rams will be recorded.

NZ Valais Blacknose

  • All F5 (generation 5) ewes and rams must be inspected by an approved inspector by the breed Society. They must meet breed standards before submitting an application for registration. Registered F5 ewes will be entered into the Registry as  a “NZ Valais Blacknose”
  • Progeny of eligible F5 “NZ Valais Blacknose” rams will be entered in the Appendix register under the same rules as apply above

Pedigree Certificates  

  • Recorded VBN crossbreds receive a Recording certificate with pedigree and VBSNZ number. Papers are Pink
  • “NZ Valais Blacknose” Register animals receive Registration certificate with pedigree and VBSNZ number. Papers are Blue
  • Imported Registered Purebred VBN (held in the UK Grassroots Register) receive Registration certificate from the Grassroots system. Papers are White



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